City University Programming Society
< cups />Hey, we're CUPS. Our goal is to offer a friendly and welcoming environment for students of all academic backgrounds to come together and learn to program.Programming is a multidisciplinary skill and we aim to help both beginner and advanced programmers alike to learn to program and develop pre-existing programming skills to use within their respective fields.

What is CUPS?

CUPS is a programming society, started last year with the aim to help those with minimal to immense programming experience improve and apply their abilities to their respective courses!

Who can get involved?

Anyone associated to City University can get involved with CUPS and it's activities, even students can help start initiatives within the society. Just talk to one of the representatives to get involved.

Where do I sign up?

We are a society like any other, to register, just go to the SU website and find us in the societies section. Alternatively click here!

Got any questions, feel free to contact us!< />